Turn your passion into a qualification, with Equi-nutri and the Distance Training Centre !

Since a professional opinion makes a difference, and since Health warrants appropriate advice, Equi-Nutri and the Distance Training Centre (an approved training body) have developed two qualifying training courses to enable you to turn your passion into a qualification.


What is this about ?

We have currently designed two training courses, one in Naturopathy and the other in Gemmotherapy, that are open to everyone.

How does this work ?

  1. Fill out the Equi-Nutri registration form (see attached) and fax or email it to us.
  2. Within 48 hours, you will receive your PROMO code giving you select access to our partner site to enable you to register for your chosen module.
  3. Your course materials will be sent to you at home so you can study at your own pace and in your own time.
  4. Once the material has been learned you will take your exams on our partner site, by answering an online questionnaire.

An experienced, competent teacher closely tracks your progress and answers your questions via the web.

What type of qualification ?

The DTC (Distance Training Centre) is a recognised ISO 9001-2000-certified body. The training courses, teaching material, classes and our teachers satisfy very select quality criteria. DTC certifications are recognised in the profession and satisfy related Acts of establishment and other rules. Find out more about the DTC :

The cost ?

50€ ! Actually, while the cost of training is 209€ (fully deductible), Equi-Nutri’s partners get a special rate, that is, 165€ instead of 209€. In addition, when you receive your qualification Equi-Nutri offers you a cheque in the amount of 100€ redeemable against products from the Equi-Nutri range.

As you can see, everything has been put in place to give you easy access to high-quality training.

Feel free to contact us for further details.


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