Our commitment

  • To Quality : quality control, from the field (and our harvesting charter) to the phial (inspection of the buds, monitoring of the degree of humidity, etc.)
  • To Safety : an impeccable code of ethics and constant rigorous attention are the trademark of products produced by our laboratory
  • We are committed to your health and the preservation of nature and of the environment, through the use of products that meet the most demanding certification requirements.

All products in the Equi-Nutri range are developed, formulated and manufactured with the greatest care, in compliance with European directives.

  • All the ingredients are carefully selected
  • The plant extracts have standardised active substances.
  • All of the formulas are validated by a pharmacist, Mr. Gilles Gernaey
  • The vegetable capsules are guaranteed ORGANIC and free of solvent residues.
  • None of our products has been subjected to radiation.
  • Oil-based capsules, free of heavy metals, purified in accordance with the EPAX patent, natural EPA DHA concentrations
  • No GMOs, no animal testing
  • The pill bottles and phials we use are made either of glass or 100% recyclable high-quality food-grade plastic.
  • The pill bottles are pressure-sealed
  • Equi-Nutri is HACCP-approved
  • A member of NAREDI
  • Our nutritional supplements are registered with an assigned NUT/PL/AS number

Labels & guarantees