Our laboratory

For the past 20 years the Equi-Nutri laboratory, a Wallon laboratory established in Arlon, has been offering consumer-friendly health products to the public.

Equi-Nutri develops and manufactures top quality nutritional supplements. We focus on highly effective dosages while complying with prevailing legislation.

All of our formulations are regularly revisited and they incorporate data from the most up-to-date scientific publications.
Our approach is also based on close partnership with our raw materials suppliers, in the form of tangible measures such as the implementation of the “Harvesting Charter” which enables us to guarantee the traceability and botanical designation of the buds used for gemmotherapy, and even give precedence to local producers wherever possible.

All of our choices are guided by the desire to provide warranties on bioavailability. This ethics-based, responsible approach has earned us the recognition of numerous prescribing practitioners and the esteem of our customers.

Such attention to quality and performance in the interest of good health, is a core value embraced by the Equi-Nutri team.

Labels & guarantees